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Company "Global RTS" Ltd was established in 2006. and since then we specialize in the field of design, development, production, sale and tent rental of high quality tents, halls, tents , membranes, event domes , sheds and pergolas as loyal and quality performer.

We will design, offer and price each new idea, which you want to realize. We will prepare all necessary documents for legalization and legitimation on your mobile structures. After concluding a positive deal for sale or rental, we will produce, transport, assemble or dismantle your mobile structures.

 "Global RTS" Ltd offers tents and halls, hangars and marquees, satisfying desires of even the most demanding customers. All products  have various size and colors, as well as high degree of mobility and  additional equipment and extras, such as: heating and lighting. The company provides transportation, assemblance, dismantling and cleaning of tents and halls or other services if nessesary.

"Global RTS" Ltd offers wide range of industrial and party tents, halls, marquees and all necessary accessories
and profiles for them   All pavillions , containers, tents, and other mobile or standard buildings, developing agri-food industry business have suitable equipment for catering.

The company offers complete interior solutions and components for furniture - benches, tables, chairs, air conditioning systems, lighting and more. The components can be purchased or leased for a specified period.

"Global RTS" Ltd offers  industrial tents and party tents for sale and rental . Wide range of colors and size makes them suitable for fairs, sport ocations, weddings, outdoor concerts and other events. Depending on a specific need, the company offers multistorey tents, pavilions, tents, sports and many others with plot of 9 square meters to over 3000 square meters The tents are easy to assemble and made from high quality flame resistant material that withstand various weather conditions.

The company sells and rents easily transportable and assembling tents. The tents  vary in size and structure of the walls and  client can independently choose how many and what is the material of the  tent side walls. The tents can be closed or completely open, which expands the range of possible applications.  Assembling a tent takes  5 minutes, and its size range from small tent - 2m. x 2m. to  tents with dimensions 5,6 m x 12m.

For your business needs we can provide different size tunnels, various types of industrial and military halls.  Made of high quality materials and modern versions of attaching the coating. The offered halls are light and extremely mobile and can be used for many purposes - storage of agricultural products, trade centers, warehouses and more.

And for those who want to assemble, build or transform by themselves their own warehouses, tents, pergolas, conservatories, etc. "Global RTS" Ltd   sells aluminum profiles and accessories such as rivets, ropes, rings, belts, belts, Clamps, zippers and many others.

Tents, halls, hangarss and other products which we offer to our clients are with European standards and  high quality warranty.

Our team is ready to respond to your specific needs and individual projects according to your needs for the particular case to be satisfied and loyal customers.