Fuel tank

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Modular station for light fuels:

- With the highest class of accuracy;

- Electronic column for diesel fuel;

- High-flow with a small gun - Q=80 l/min.;

- Length of the hose 6m (possibility of choosing the length),

- Electronic block with ATS prepared for adding temperature compensation equalization to 15 degrees;

- one-sided display;

- with MID Certificate according to European directives.

The column has a charging system with authorized access:

- Card reader mounted on the column,

- GPS and GPRS module mounted on the column,

- 30 pcs. chips (possibility of adding an unlimited number),

- The archive with the information is WEB-based, access is with a username and password from devices with Internet,

- Ability to retrieve accounting reports with different levels of detail,

- The system allows operation of the Self-Service facility

- horizontal, single product,

- double-walled according to ORDINANCE 1971,

- metal tank,

- for diesel fuel, for overhead installation,

- capacity 10000l,

- produced according to the current norms, made of steel with a thickness of 3, 4 and 5 mm, painting - sandblasting,

treatment with anti-rust converter, one layer of anti-corrosion coating and two layers of auto-enamel varnish, possibility to choose

tank color (light gray recommended).

- With calibration chart from manufacturer.

- for ease of use and choice, two types of inlets are installed in the upper part of the tank

adapters 2" and 4", for gasoline and a 3" adapter for the gas phase, which do not allow spillage when receiving fuel.

- service ladder,

- ventilation pipe 2" with a breather with a fire barrier valve,

- metal frame, piping and fittings,

- mechanical level gauge,

- with a roof over the column,

- Test reports, Passports, Certificates, Declarations, Drawings, etc. necessary.